DSC- 2012 No. 6921 002.jpg (125,4 kB)
go.82_4th_feb_professional_tax_rates_amended_rates.pdf (76,6 kB)
memo_no.258_special_casual_on_mlc_elections.pdf (393,3 kB)
rc.393_5th_feb_-_february_school_complex_meetings.pdf (624,5 kB)
pre_audit_for_municipal_employees_teachers.pdf (73,4 kB)
rc.746_celebrate_annual_day_in_schools.pdf (11,8 kB)

RC.834 Dt.19.01.2013 Pending FAC to HM of DyEO and MEO.pdf (826,6 kB)
Cir.Rc.No.878 Dated.07.01.2013 Instructions on Utilaise Unspent available amounts at school level like TLE grant, TLM grant etc (2).pdf (184,9 kB)
rc.81_assessment_tools.pdf (1 021,7 kB)
go.21_apgli.pdf (59,9 kB)
go.223_new_c_category_ssc_centers.pdf (49,6 kB)
go.22_pay20da_arrears_of_cps_account_in_cash.pdf (124,7 kB)
cricular_no.1607_toilets_importance.pdf (1,2 MB)
Rc.No.365 Dated. 18.12.2012 providing games sports material to UP schools under Govt and local body managements in the state (1).pdf (41,9 kB)
Cir.Rc.No.878 Dated.07.01.2013 Instructions on Utilaise Unspent available amounts at school level like TLE grant, TLM grant etc.pdf (184,9 kB)
Proc.No.1069 Dated. 17.12.2012 Third Quarter Salaries budget for Aided Schools released.pdf (31,4 kB)
Cir.Memo No.132 Dated. 15.11.2012 Instructions on revised attestion form for verification of character and antecedents.pdf (496,7 kB)
GO.Ms.No.341 Dated. 21.12.2012 Creation and sanction of 1476 SA Spl Teacher posts under central sponsored scheme for IEDSS.pdf (36,9 kB)
GO.Ms.No.336 Dated. 20.12.12 Employees apointed on or before 01.09.04 Contributions deducted under CPS will be Transfer to GPF.pdf (83,3 kB)
GO.Ms.No.343 Dated.22.12.2012 Payment of share of gratuity in case of Family Pension benficiary - 1 of share Gratuient - Legal heir missing .pdf (114,2 kB)
Rc.No.81 Dated. 22.12.2012 Developing Tools for Test Achievement from I to VIII classes in Primary, UP and High Schools.pdf (441,7 kB)
Memo.No.23864, Rc.No.2674 Dated.10.12.2012 Govt Sanctioned Two Notional Increments to JL's, who worked as Apprentice Teachers in Schools. .pdf (376,1 kB)
Circular No.1607 Dated. 26.12.2012 Instructions on Construction or Repairs to toilets in all PS, UPS, HS in the state.pdf (1,2 MB)
GO.Rt.No.1837 Dated. 27.12.2012 Rates for enrollment of employees and pensioners through eseva for health cards.pdf (26 kB)
apprenticeship_before_1st_sep_2004.pdf (83,3 kB)
Rc.No.365 Dated. 18.12.2012 providing games sports material to UP schools under Govt and local body managements in the state.pdf (41,9 kB)
Rc.No.54 Dated. 11.12.2012 Monthly promotions to eligible teachers before DSC-2012 appoinments.pdf (203,9 kB)
Rc.No.677 Dated. 30.11.2012 schedule for preparation of annual work plan and budget for the year 2013-14.pdf (27,5 kB)
Rc.No.149 Dated. 14.12.2012 Extended dates of SSC-2013 exammination fee under Tatkal scheme.pdf (400,9 kB)
RC.09 dt 05.12.2012 Half Yearly Exams Schedule and Term Holidays Schedule.pdf (26,4 kB)
RC.574 dt 05.12.2012 Training to Anganwadi Workers to Find CwSN and OSC.pdf (21,7 kB)
GO.Rt.776 dt 05.12.2012 Constituted a committe to Visit Tamilnadu for Merging TET - DSC.PDF (54,3 kB)
GO.Rt.696 dt 29.11.2012 SA Deputation for DIET Lecturers.PDF (54,4 kB)
General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2013.doc (65,5 kB)
Holidays under Negotiable Instruments Act.doc (41,5 kB)
Rc.No.726 Dt. 21.11.2012 Primary level school complex which is scheduled
on 27 & 28th Nov dates changed to 27th Nov & 3rd Dec. pdf 
Size : 13.2 KB
Proc.Rc.No.726 Dated. 17.11.2012 School Complex meetings for primary school teachers on 27.11.2012 and 28.11.2012. pdf 
Size : 1.2 MB
Proc.Rc.No.450 dated. 17.11.2012 Workshop to prepare Summative Test-2 question papers for I toVIII classes. pdf 
Size : 760.4 KB
Proc.Rc.No.142 Dated. 17.11.2012 Training to Divisonal Level Monitoring Team members at state project office in 3 spells. pdf 
Size : 784.5 KB
Rc.No.1284 dated. 15.11.2012 Instructions on SC,ST Teachers Promotions for the post of Gazetted Headmasters. pdf 
Size : 1.0 MB
Memo No.1256 Dated. 15.11.2012 collecting BRC, CRC and SMC wise financial information on monthly basis.pdf (411,7 kB)
GO.Ms.No.298 Dated. 15.11.2012 Dearness Relief Enhanced to pensioners from 01.07.2012.pdf (339,4 kB)
GO.Ms.No.297 Dated. 14.11.2012 DA Enhanced to state government employees from 01.07.2012.pdf (81,7 kB)
Proc.Rc.No.755 Dated. 26.10.2012 state level monitoring teams visit schedule and team members details.pdf (26,5 kB)
Rc.No.512 Dated. 17.10.2012 I to VIII class Students Particulars for supply of Uniforms for the year 2012-13.pdf (706,5 kB)
Memo No.597 Dated. 13.10.2012 Video Conference to all POs and EEs on water supply and sanitation facilities in Schools.pdf (49,5 kB)
rc.537_alternative_schools_sanction.pdf (33,7 kB)
rc.149_ssc_nrs_submission_revised_datess (1).pdf (244,4 kB)
ADHAR APPLICATION FORM MeeSevaApplication_EMPLOYEES.pdf (225,6 kB)
RC.142 dt 04.10.2012 Subject Training to Upper Primary Level Teachers.pdf (13,6 kB)
GO.Ms.86 dt 04.10.2012 Inter District Transfers Guidelines.pdf (66,9 kB)
RC.450 dt 03.10.2012 Summative Tests Postponed to 29.10.2012.pdf (31,4 kB)
HMinstr_SSCMarch2013.pdf (219,6 kB)

RC.177_dt_20.09.2012.pdf (544,9 kB)

PAT___SOT_Application___Notification.pdf (292 kB)
RC.346 dt 17.09.2012 State Monitoring Teams Visit.pdf (47,9 kB)
CCE_Test_Wise_Grade_Entry_Register_Form.pdf (37 kB)
RC.149 dt 15.09.2012 SSC Fee Details.pdf (559,1 kB)
Norms for Rationalisatioin of Teachers in Aided Schools dt 20.09.2012.pdf (343,7 kB)
Rc.No.527 dated.18.09.2012 Conduct of september CRC meeting through teleconference mode on 28.09.12 & 29.09.12. pdf 
Size : 36.8 KB
GO.84 MATERNITY LEAVE.pdf (59,7 kB)
Rc.No.484 Dated. 15.09.2012Communication of schedule for collection of data for U-DISE 2012-13. pdf Size : 62.4 KB
rc_233 Payment of Escort Allowance to the SPECILA NEEDED CHILDREN.pdf (425,5 kB)
RC.286 dt 05.09.2012 Providing Bi-Cycles for 6th-8th Children above 3kms Distance to School.pdf (18 kB)
GO.Ms.348 dt 06.09.2012 Two Notional Increments for Muncipal Teachers.pdf (29,5 kB)
RC.1063 dt 30.08.2012 HM is Responsible to Provide Eggs Twice in a Week.pdf (74,4 kB)
GO.Ms.250 dt 06.09.2012 DDOs are Responsible for CPS entries.PDF (103,3 kB)
GO.Rt.461 dt 22.08.2012 Setting Up of State Level Equity Working Groups on RTE (1).PDF (88,1 kB)
APPSC Departmental Test Notification 2012.pdf (152,9 kB)
DSC - 2012 Case Details (Judgement will be posted shortly).pdf (54,8 kB)
Memo.5730 dt 22.08.2012 Certain Guidelines on Recruitment of CRP - MIS Coodinators.pdf (933,1 kB)
GO.Ms.26 dt 22.08.2012 Two Notional Increments To Tribal Welfare Teachrs.PDF (60,2 kB)
Rc.No.463 Dated. 16.08.2012 Implementation of Academic Programmes and activities as per AWP-B 2012-13.pdf (47,1 kB)
CRPs,MIS Co-Ordinators Application (1).docx (19 kB)
Revised CRPs 238 School complex list dt.16.08.2012.xls (79 kB)
816-B2-2 INCLUSION OF UP SCHOOLS.xls (26 kB)
GO.Ms.184 dt 14.08.2012 Implementation of Healthcare Fund Scheme.pdf (79,5 kB)
GO.Ms.186 dt 14.08.2012 Health Care Scheme Operational Guidelines.PDF (93,5 kB)
Healthcards Guidelines in Telugu by CVS Mani.pdf (134,3 kB)
Furnish RMSA HM Post Details Proforma.pdf (209,7 kB)
RC.206 dt 14.08.2012 Furnish Non Teaching Staff Particulars.pdf (13,1 kB)
GO.Ms.No.62 Dated. 23.07.2012 SCERT - Curriculum reforms - Revison of Text Books for the year 2012-13 - permission accorded. pdf 
Size : 83.4 KB
GO.Ms.No.196 Dated. 24.07.2012 Contributary Pension Scheme(CPS) Details Entry Instructions. pdf 
Size : 32.2 KB
GO.Ms.No.196 Dated. 24.07.2012 Contributary Pension Scheme(CPS) Details Entry Instructions. pdf 
Size : 32.2 KB
Proc.Rc.No.443 Dated. 23.07.2012 Guidelines in Telugu for implementation of NPEGEL in model cluster schools during 2012-13. pdf 
Size : 156.8 KB
Rc.No.204 Dated. 23.07.2012 Teleconferencing programme on Implementation of CAL programme on 24.07.2012. pdf 
Size : 15 KB
Circular Memo.No.947 Dated. 17.07.2012 Permission to Muslim Employees can leave Office 1 hour early during Ramzan. Pdf 
Size : 135.6 KB
Rc.No.463 Dated. 12.07.2012, Complete list of activities, proformas, guidelines, job charts, Indicators at School, MRC, Complex level. Pdf 
Size : 2.7 MB
Proc.Rc.No.365/RVM(SSA) Dated. 17.07.2012 Supply of sports and games material to UP schools - Revised orders issued. Pdf 
Size : 9.4 KB
Rc.No.211 Dated.16.07.2012 Implementation of the radio Programme on ''Meena Prapancham'' for 6,7,8 class childrens. Pdf 
Size : 31.4 KB
Rc.No.240/MDM/2012 Dated. 30.06.2012 Inspections of schools for effective monitoring for the MDM scheme. Pdf 
Size : 32 KB
Rc.No. 3137/D2-1/2012 Dated. 13.07.2012 Fill up the Vacancies in High Schools Arised Due to Transfers. Pdf 
Size : 28.9 KB
GO.Rt.No.356 Dated. 12.07.2012 Sanctioned 211.63 Crores Released For Kitchen cum Store Rooms under MDM scheme. pdf 
Size :77.4 KB
Rc.No.201/U.C-2/2008 Dated. 09.07.2012 Change of school hours during the period of RAMZAN from 21.07.2012 to 20.08.2012. pdf 
Size :301.4 KB
Memo No.13727/SSA/2012 Dated. 03.07.2012 Positioning of MRPs at MRCs on foreign Service terms and conditions. pdf 
Size :142.1 KB
Rc.No.170/C2(B7)/RVM(SSA) Dated. 10.07.2012 Inclusion 8th Class in Upper Primary Schools from 2012-13. pdf 
Size :842.2 KB
Rc.No.367/RVM(SSA)/C1/12 Dated. 09.07.2012 Continue the MRPs who have completed 3 years of service till 31.08.2012. pdf 
Size :53.3 KB
Rc.No.255 Dated. 09.07.2012 Supply of uniform cloth – payment to mills towards the supply of uniform cloth – Guidelines. pdf 
Size :113.3 KB
G.O.Ms.No.181 Dated. 10.07.2012 Ban imposed on all general Transfers of employees with effect from 11.07.2012. pdf 
Size :32.2 KB
G.O.Ms.No.56 Dated.06.07.2012 The Andhra Pradesh Teachers (Regulation of Teachers) Rules Amendment orders. pdf 
Size :12.7 KB
Lr.No.105 Dated. 05.07.2012 Video Conference on Education fortnight to District Officers and MEOs on 06.07.2012 at 2.30pm. pdf 
Size :16.4 KB
Proc.Rc.No.204/RVM(SSA)/B13/2011 Dated. 05.07.2012 Teleconference On Education Fortnight to MEO, MRP, All School HMs. pdf 
Size :58 KB
G.O.Ms.No.55 Dated. 05.07.2012 Inclusion of 8th Class in Upper Primary Schools 2012-13. pdf 
Size :85.3 KB
G.O.Ms.No.179 Dated. 05.07.2012 Dearness Relief to Pensioners with effect from 01.01.2012. pdf 
Size :366.7 KB
G.O.Ms.No.178 Dated. 04.07.2012 D.A Enhanced to state government employees w.e.f 01.01.2012. pdf 
Size :169.8 KB
Rc.No.415 dated.30.06.2012 Three days Training to School Complex HMs and Asst Secretaries at state level in July. pdf 
Size :81.3 KB
Rc.No.3137 dated.02.07.2012 Further Instructions on headmasters grade-II (gazetted) and teachers Transfers. pdf 
Size :36.1 KB
GO.Rt.No.330 Dated.28-06-2012 Upgradation of Mandal Parished UP and Govt UP Schools in to High Schools. pdf 
Size :15.9 KB
Rc.No.1292/C3-1/2012 Dated 27.06.2012 Certain modifications of Mandal Educational Officers transfers. pdf 
Size :7.96 KB
G.O.Ms.No.169 Dated.25.06.2012 Extention period of Lifting of ban on transfers of employees. pdf 
Size :9.3 KB
G.O.Rt.No.321 Dated.25.06.2012 Enhancement of Mid Day Meals Cooking Cost w.e.f 01.04.2012 for the year 2012-13. pdf 
Size :64.6 KB
Lr.RC.No.70 dated. 13.06.2012 RTE act - 2009 State curriculum frame work-2011 - undertaking curricular and evaluation reforms. pdf 
Size :177.5 KB
RC.No.1292 Dated. 16.06.2012 MEO Transfers Guidelines. pdf 
Size :267.8 KB